A WIP on its way!

Heeeyyy guys! Sorry about not posting for a couple days! I’m now going through a breakup with lots of drama (since he lived with me)! So once that is over (and hopefully tonight) I should have a WIP of the first pokemon in my 151 Pokemon Individual Set! Again I haven’t gotten to far on it but far enough!

Also I will be starting a non-stitching sprite project soon that I am hoping will work! It is just a test, (will test within the next week) and if it’s a success there will be an even bigger version of that project coming up! I can’t wait to get started!

I’ll be starting to stitch really soon! YAYY!! Only for a couple hours but hey at least its some time! Starting tomorrow I will have about 5-6 hours to work on them each night! I can’t wait!

So I will be seeing you guys real soon!! 😉


A Couple Things…

Heyy guys! I can’t believe I am updating this blog at 4:50 am – and I haven’t slept yet! It’s going to be a long long day – please someone save me?

So blah – I’m not feeling good; I have this bump on the back of my tongue and its really hurting and making it hard to swallow! 😥 Wish it would just go away!

Tomorrow (or today technically), I have my cousin coming over for good old video game hangout which is going to be really cool! We also just got a fooseball table and an air hockey table to set up and try them out!

I’m all excited to get started on my new project today! I didn’t get too much since I wasn’t able to get some of the thread I needed until late at night – but I have it started! I am working on making all original 151 Pokemon individually! I have started with Bulbasaur – then will be Charmander and then I go back to going in numerical order!

Anyone know of any cheap online place that sells Anchor Floss to Canada? My Wal-Mart was missing some colours (I currently pay between 0.20-0.25 per bobbin) and I need to order them online. If anyone actually reads this blog, please comment below and let me know! Would love to see if anyone actually is following this haha!

Anyways – I will no longer bug you with my life story; I am also here to show you the last most recent project I worked on. Maybe, if I can find my old pictures of stitches I have done – I will post those along too tomorrow. Alrighty there I go blabbing again – let’s get on with this already! 😛

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Another Stitch!

So here is yet another Kingdom Hearts stitch I have done recently! I messed up on it at one point far into it and I was too lazy to go back and take out all the work I did so far, so I managed to work with it!

Hopefully it still looks okay! (I don’t think it looks too bad!) It is a Red Nocturne (a Heartless) from a KH: CoM sprite!

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Heyyy guys! Welcome to my new blog! This will mainly be used for my cross stitching projects (so I can display them off proudly!) but sometimes I may bore you with a little life details. Yeah I know…lame 😛

Anyways let me tell you a bit more about myself!

My name is Allison (but I prefer Ally) and I’m 21 years old (officially on April 4th). I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (eh?) and I have a baby boy named Tristan (who is 1 year and 4 months)! I have 2 sisters (both older) and 6 nieces and nephews (ages 5-13) and a boyfriend I have been with for 6 months (Jan.11 is our anniversary – can someone say binary code? 01-11-10).

I like different kinds of music; my favourite tv shows are The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy and most shows on the Family Channel; My favourite video game series are Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

Hmmmm I can’t think of anything else to add but I’m sure to throw some things together at random times for you and I hope you enjoy what I have to say and my cross-stitching!

❤  Always,

Parfait (Ally)

First Two Cross Stitches!

Well since I just opened this to display my cross stitches, I might as well – you know – display some of my works!

These are 2 more recent works (actually I did them just a couple days ago) and the are the Kingdom Key and Crabclaw keyblades from the video game series (my favourite) Kingdom Hearts! The pictures are the greatest but for right now – all I have to take pictures with is my webcam – so they will have to do! Read more…